Ultimate Guide To Summer Suiting For A Gentleman - HolloMen

Ultimate Guide To Summer Suiting For A Gentleman - HolloMen

Summer Suits For Great Style - Defining What It Means To Be A Stylish Gentleman

Truth be told, when the summer months come a lot of men find it hard to keep up with their styles or just to suit up with comfortability and maintain elegance. Keeping up with great style in suits can be hard to achieve if not well-informed. 


Even during the hot summer season, you can still look stylish, smart, sharp, and more importantly professional. You don’t have to go for sloppy attire to look and stay cool during this season. The following simple fashion tips and tweaks will help you pull through the summer with your outstanding style, as Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”


The Right Fabric For Summer Suits

When the hot season is here, your wardrobe should take a turn too. At this time you should be keen to go for lightweight materials that ensure breathability and flexibility. There are many options that gentlemen have. To start with, a 100% linen suit is the best consideration for the summer. Linen is thin and more comfortable which makes it the go-for material in the summer.

Tropical wool is also great for the summer period. This material too is breathable. It is known for its durability and softness. A cotton-linen suit is also great for keeping cool and avoiding irritation of the sweltering weather.

Summer Suits Colors

It is obvious that darker suits are a no-go zone during the summer. Lighter colors are preferred since they do not absorb heat but rather reflect it off. You may opt to go for; light gray, khaki, baby blue, maroon, the light shades of red, among other brighter colors of your choice.

Best Structure For Summer Outfits

Most suits are generally designed as fully lined. During the summer period, it is advisable to go for the unlined or half-lined suit. This provides more ventilation and minimizes heat without greatly compromising your elegance.

Bonus Tips For A Gentleman’s Summer Dress Code

  • Stay hydrated
  • Go for a little bit looser fit
  • Take off your jacket during a commute

Best Summer Suits Curated From Our Collection 


At HolloMen we have suits that are all designed to define what it means to be a modern gentleman. We have handpicked a sample suits that you should for your summer wardrobe. 

The Melbourne Linen Yellow Suit

This is a piece in the collection that is exceptionally suited for summertime. In addition to being bright-colored, it is 50% linen and 50% cotton.

These elements make it the best since it is amazingly breathable, flexible, and soft to the touch.

Kingston Plaid Tile Suit

If you opt not to go for the very bright, ‘conspicuous’ colors, this is a great selection for you. The Kingston plaid tile suit is made of 70% wool. This makes it a good option for the summer period since it allows for ventilation.

Marina Dovetail Beige Collar Tuxedo

Keep the sharpness and elegance throughout the summer season with the Marina dovetail beige collar tuxedo. This will make you stand out in special events and it is great office wear.

Burgundy Double Breasted Suit

This double-breasted suit is designed with a double-slit that adds up to flexibility. The burgundy color makes it a top-notch choice to maintain the chill and summer style.


You now have the idea of how to suit up like a real gentleman in summer. Stay dapper always!

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