Less Is More - A Men's Guide To Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Less Is More - A Men's Guide To Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Having a minimalist wardrobe is a topic that numerous people have explored. Different fashion fanatics and professionals have given their views on what really is a minimalist wardrobe.

A minimalist wardrobe can be defined as the set of outfit pieces that you essentially need, exclusive of any excesses. 

Many a time, even some fashionistas mistake a minimalist wardrobe for a wardrobe with very few pieces. Those on the extreme side of being wrong think that a minimalist wardrobe constitutes cheap or low-quality pieces.

Cost is always a factor but not a significant pillar in creating a minimalist wardrobe. Nonetheless, less is more! This however, doesn't mean going for the very cheap or extremely few outfits but rather having a collection of apparel you need only.

Maintaining the aesthetic of your style that keeps your confidence towering and your comfortability heightened, in the clothes you are wearing are the key points to note when selecting your minimalist wardrobe.

It is ubiquitous to see individuals with overflowing closets complaining of 'having nothing to wear'. This is where a minimalist wardrobe comes in handy. A minimalist wardrobe is also based on the concept of your favorites and best. So, when it’s time to select an outfit for a specific event or occasion, it becomes way easier with a minimalist wardrobe. Let’s dig deep into these aspects.

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

1. Clean Up Your Closet

The first step to having the minimalist wardrobe you need is to pare it down. This is a process. It would be best if you started by categorizing your apparel into three:

  • The clothes you love the most
  • The ones you don’t love
  • The ones you’re neutral about

After grouping your collection into the three categories (this should be easy), revisit the outfits you’re neutral about and keenly add them to the first two categories accordingly.

Here you can take your time. Ensure that outfits in the first category are only composed of those that you really need and spark joy and confidence when donned. This will go a long way in giving space enough for future purchases of essential outfits.

2. Dispose the Excesses in Your Wardrobe

This might be a migraine to some people, but it can be utterly simplified. There are two easy ways to dispose of fairly worn-out clothes and those that you no longer need. These ways are;

  • Cast them out to consignment stores
  • Giving clothes out as donations

3. Have a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is defined as a collection of few great pieces that are easily interchangeable and maintain elegance and personal style. Having a set of apparel collection that keeps you looking dapper and whose pieces can effortlessly be used together will help you minimize the number of clothes you have.

4. Go For Quality and Where Your Heart is!

When it comes to minimalist wardrobe, the question of quality is inevitable. Go for quality fabric as well as quality designs. This will ensure that you don't have to change your pieces now and then due to quick fading or wear and tear. 

Also, as earlier pointed out, go for your favorites. The outfits that give out the most dapper version of yourself are what you need. Only have pieces made of your favorite patterns, colors, and styles.

5. Consider Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is imperial in fashion and dressing appropriately. Understanding the concept of skin tone will also play an integral part in helping you decide on what you need in your wardrobe. With the proper knowledge of skin tone, your look will amazingly spruce up.

6. Timelessness is a Factor

Another prominent feature of a minimalist wardrobe is that it is made up of outfits that transcend erratic trends and seasons. When selecting apparel, always ensure that it is not made of pieces that are specific to certain trends. A timeless ensemble will always be eminent no matter the time.

It is true to say that a minimalist wardrobe is a growing inclination that many individuals, and fashion personnel, have been embracing. It greatly saves on cost as a bonus advantage, given that cost saving isn't the primary goal. A minimalist wardrobe also aids in the quick selection of perfect outfits for different events besides continuously giving you undeniably unique looks. Creating this fantastic wardrobe composition is a journey. Begin yours today.

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