Summer Wedding Suits For Groom and Groomsmen 2024

Summer Wedding Suits For Groom and Groomsmen 2024

Weddings are arguably among the most important occasions in our lives. Although the wedding day comes with some pressure and stress, one thing is for sure; we should look sharp and at our best during this memorable day.

Summer has always been the ideal season for saying 'I do,' making it the perfect time to explore wedding suits for a groom and groomsmen suits ideas. Weddings celebrated during this sunny season are often adorned with fresh and blooming floral arrangements, setting a picturesque backdrop.

So, you're planning to hold your wedding in the summer of 2024. In that case, you're on the right track to creating a memorable day with the perfect attire for you and your groomsmen.


With all the stress of ensuring everything is flawless during this day, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and all sweaty. Although it is a perfect wedding time, it is vital to have special consideration for the choice of wedding suit for the groom and groomsmen lest you suffer discomfort and disappointments. Aspects such as color, fabric, and structure ought to be considered for you to have the best summer wedding suit.

What Is the Best Summer Wedding Suit?

Anyone claiming that only one specific outfit qualifies as the best suit for summer weddings must be more truthful. The best summer wedding suit for you can be chosen from a wide variety, depending on your style and the theme you've envisioned for this special day. By keeping specific critical considerations in mind, you can ensure that you find a suit that offers both the comfort and the dapper appearance essential for a summer wedding.

Key Considerations in Selecting Summer Wedding Suits in 2024

The important tips for summer wedding suits are;

1. Time 

Don’t dismiss this as a crazy idea yet. Yes, time is of great importance when it comes to choosing the best summer wedding suit for the groom or the groomsmen. In order to ensure you get it right with the choice of suit to go for, spare enough time for the selection process. 

It shouldn’t be the last thing you do. Involve your partner and choose the theme color with the help of your wedding planner. Investing considerable time in summer suit selection will enable you to double-check every aspect and get everything right.

2. The Fabric 

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor summer wedding, the fabric of your wedding suit ought to be light. Light and soft sartorial materials such as cotton and linen are the best for lightweight summer wedding suits They allow flow and circulation of air which gives a cooling effect to combat the hot and humid summer weather conditions. 

As earlier mentioned, being sweaty and stressed-out is not a memory you want for this special occasion. Lightweight and breathable wedding suits will give you the comfort and relaxation you need.

3. Color 

Just like the fabric, color is an important consideration when selecting a wedding suit for a certain season. With the hot conditions of the summer season, your wedding suit is expected to be bright. Darker colors absorb heat and therefore are not recommended. For your summer wedding suit, you want to go for more brilliant colors which are more lively and hot weather-friendly.

Here, you’re given the freedom to embrace your style and personality. Other factors such as skin tone and location of the wedding are important in selecting the color. Your options may include;

  • Navy-blue
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • White

4. Type of wedding 

The type of wedding you’ve always dreamt of having is also an important consideration in selecting your summer wedding suit. Whether you want it to be formal or casual, classic or contemporary, it’s all up to you and your taste.

Summer Wedding Suits Inspirations in 2024

At HolloMen, we want to make sure that every gentleman looks dapper and feels more confident every day of their life. Here are summer wedding suits ideas in 2024; Tap to shop

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