The 5 Shoes Every Modern Man Should Own - Men's Footwear

The 5 Shoes Every Modern Man Should Own - Men's Footwear

When it comes to looking dapper and elegantly dressed, a talk about the type of shoes included in your ensemble is inevitable. It is with no question that shoes play a significant role in every outfit. As many fashionistas would agree, shoes are the windows to your style.

Why Is It Important To Have The Right Shoes?

Having the proper footwear creates a great impression. For example, it shows the people around you that you pay attention to the smallest of details. It might not be easily noticeable, but the truth is we subconsciously create an impression of a person in our minds at the sight of their footwear.

Think of what would cross your mind when you see someone in flimsy shoes. Therefore, as a gentleman, you should always ensure to have and wear the right shoes so as to maintain great style. 

This article delves into 5 shoes that every modern gentleman should own.

The Oxford Shoes

The Oxford shoes have become increasingly popular. The fact that they are flexible and can be used on different occasions and events largely contributes to their popularity. From official black-tie events, job interviews to weddings, these shoes would be a perfect fit. There are two main types of Oxford shoes:

  • Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords
  • Whole-Cut Oxfords

The main difference between the two is that the whole cut is designed and made from one piece of leather without any perforated decorations, while the balmoral has a toe cap seam. All oxfords have a closed lacing system. They can both be worn on almost all formal functions. Oxfords should therefore not miss out in any stylish gentleman’s closet.


Loafers come second in popularity after Oxford shoes, especially for semi-formal and casual events and occasions. They are believed to have originated from Scandinavia. Being low and lace-free, loafers are great footwear for smart-casual outfits. Navy blue, beige, white, and brown are some loafer colors that can flawlessly match different casual and formal outfits.


A rarely known fun fact about brogues is that the perforations and holes were originally created to drain water after crossing swamps and bogs in Ireland. As years go by, brogues have gained more and more respect. The broguing makes them interesting and amazingly distinct. They are also a versatile set of shoes that can be used for both formal and casual looks. Darker brogues are preferred for formal events, while lighter ones are the go-for during casual occasions. Always remember, the more broguing, the less formal they are. They are stylish and should be a part of the top in any man’s list of shoes.

Chukka Boots

They were first popular in the ‘40s but have surged back in recent years. The shoe is an ankle-high leather boot with two or three pairs of lacing eyelets and a rounded toe-box. It has a rich military and sports history and yes, every modern man should own at least a pair of Chukka boots. They come in a variety of styles, but one thing is common with all of them. They make you look dapper and have a great sense of fashion.


A list of the top 5 types of footwear every gentleman should have would obviously be incomplete without the mention of sneakers. Also known as Tennis shoes, sneakers trace their way back to the early 19th century. Today, almost everyone owns a pair of sneakers. Despite this, a classic pair of sneakers should be in your wardrobe. Sneakers ensure comfortability as well as a superb style.

Shoes, as earlier stated, are a great and vital part of your outfit. These 5 top footwears guarantee greatness in the style of every modern gentleman. It is worth noting that shoes should not be overbranded, neither should they come out as being so bright or conspicuous given your choice of outfit. The primary way to show that you’ve got it right with style and fashion, is by getting it right with footwear.



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