The Men's Ultimate Guide To Fall Fashion - HolloMen

The Men's Ultimate Guide To Fall Fashion - HolloMen

What to wear during the Summer is strictly dictated by the scorching season. Every gentleman can dress elegantly during this time of the year, but they are limited to outfits that won't make them sweat off or experience the devastating heat discomfort.


However, when Fall comes, there are more opportunities for men to dress up stunningly in incredible fashion and look dapper. This weather allows you to fully exploit the ‘Fall fashion’ and enjoy layered looks as well as the freedom to combine different pieces of an outfit at a go. Unlike on some occasions in the Summer, you don’t have to do away with the jackets.


I'd say the fall breeze greatly favors both casual and formal wear as compared to the options you have in the sweltering heat of Summer. From a luxe leather jacket paired with a cool T-shirt and jeans to stunning office wear of a complete suit, you get to sport whatever defines your style best and elevates your confidence. 

 As autumn is imminent, it is time to level up your style! To help you be that stylish modern gentleman, below are tips for you.

Fall Clothing Fabrics

The first consideration that should be in your mind as you scale up your Fall wardrobe is the fabric of your outfits. During this time, think of more textured and heavier fabrics. Vinyl and woolen fabrics are your go-to. For wool, you can choose between wool flannels, tweed, or worsted wool.

Fall Fashion Colors and Patterns

The second thing that will aid you keep a stunning look is your choice of colors for the Fall. Here, the colors should be a little less bright. In the Fall, you can comfortably don your favorite darker shades. From brown, navy blue, grey to black outfits, among others. For your Fall suit fabric patterns, you have a variety to choose from, including;

  • Plaid
  • Herringbone
  • Checks
  • Houndstooth

Men's Fall Fashion Must-Haves

To help you curate your wardrobe to fit one that a fashionable gentleman should have, here are samples of what is expected to be there;

1. Navy Slim-Fit Suit

As earlier stated, with the ability to wear complete suits, darker shades of different colors are what you should look for. This navy blue slim fit suits are a perfectly fitting piece for office wear and other occasions.

2. Jackets 

Whether it is knitted jackets or leather jackets, you have all these at disposal for your Fall casual and semi-formal wear.

3. Blazers 

Level up your style and keep warm with snugly fitting blazers of great design.

4. Stylish Coats

Part of the fashion privileges that come with the Fall is the ability to wear different stylish coats that leave you with a staggering fashion sense. These fall-winter coats will do the magic when paired with a turtleneck.

5. Turtlenecks

In recent years, turtlenecks have gained astounding popularity in the men's fashion industry. Matching up your turtleneck in this period will not only give you warmth but also an incredible statement-making look.

6. Sweaters

Sweaters are an obvious thing for the Fall. However, your choice of sweaters and how you match them up with other pieces of your outfit determine whether you stand out as a man of great style or not. Note that you can still maintain an immaculate fashion style with the right sweaters.

7. Jeans 

For casual wear, different designs, styles, and colors are available for you to choose from.

8. Sneakers and Boots

Footwears play an integral role in our outfits. The list of your Fall season wardrobe must-haves cannot be complete without mentioning the fantastic footwear you can choose from. During this time, you don't have to limit yourself to the shoes that enhance breathability and comfortability. You freely select the shoes that give you a refined look from a wide range of sneakers and boots. 

During the Fall, you should significantly level up your fashion and style. Seize the opportunity to look good as a man from the myriad of options.

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