Tuxedo vs Suit: A Guide On What To Wear On A Wedding

Tuxedo vs Suit: A Guide On What To Wear On A Wedding

One of the most important events in our lives is weddings. Consequently, we face one big question, "What should I wear at my wedding?" or "What should I wear at their wedding?" Most of the time, if the dress code is provided, you will have an idea of what is expected of you, but sometimes, still, choosing what exactly to put on can be hard. The options we men normally have are selecting between a tuxedo and a suit.

Whether you're the groom, groomsman, or a guest, you don't want to get it wrong on this special day. For many of us, a dilemma arises when it's time to answer the question of, "Should I wear a tux or a suit is just fine?" A lot of men can hardly differentiate between tuxedos and suits clearly. These days, most events have become less rigid on the dress code, and even some fashion lovers aren't keen on the differences between a tuxedo and a suit until it is time to choose one between the two.


What Are the Main Differences Between Tuxedos and Suits?

1. Satin 

If asked about the main difference between a tux and a suit, the obvious answer should be the presence of satin details. This is easily noticeable. Tuxedos have satin features such as satin lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a side stripe down the pants (not a necessary feature). On the other hand, suits have no satin details. Everything is made from the same material.

2. Accessories

Another key difference between tuxedos and suits is the accessories used for both. A tuxedo should always be accompanied by at least a cummerbund, a bowtie and a waistcoat. Also, a tux is expected to be worn with a white pocket square. Traditionally, a suit is worn with a long tie. However, a bowtie can also do. A suit's pocket square can be made of any complementing fabric.

3. Shoes 

Generally, tuxedos are worn with black patent shoes. As for suits, you can have fun and be creative about what kind of shoes to wear.

4. Shirt 

A white shirt with a wing collar or a turndown collar is specifically worn with a tuxedo. A suit can be worn with any matching dress shirt, patterned, or of a solid color.

5. Cost

Tuxedos generally tend to be a little more expensive as compared to suits. 

6. Occasion 

When it comes to formality, tuxedos are more formal than suits. Tuxedos are considered to be reserved for formal events such as black-tie weddings, and galas, among others. They are also considered as the most appropriate wear for evening events. On the contrary, suits can be worn any time of the day and in more casual events.

A Tux or a Suit: The Perfect Choice for Wedding

The goal is to look great! For any choice, you go with, ensure to maintain the impression of a modern gentleman with a great sense of fashion. 

Given the above differences between a suit and a tux, you might develop an idea of what exactly to wear at that wedding. Here are some tips to help you select with clarity which way to go; a tux or a suit?

Dress Code

If the wedding code is provided, it becomes easier. For a strictly formal wedding event, go in a tux. As Ksenia Konovalova, a managing partner at Ian Rios New York puts it, “Tuxedos are to be exclusively used for formal events.” You are most definitely expected to put on a tux for a black-tie wedding. For a less formal wedding, a suit would do. For the grooms, the bride's choice of dressing can guide you. Is she in a formal gown or a more casual dress?

Time of the Wedding

A suit would be more appropriate where the wedding is to be held during the daytime or having a brunch. Since tuxedos are considered evening wear, they are the perfect choice for evening weddings.

What Is Your Style

For the groom, you want to look more dapper on this special day than ever. So what makes you feel great? What makes you feel like the epitome of a modern-day gentleman of style? Is it a tux or a suit? Whatever your answer to these questions is, you should go with that. 


Weddings are obviously very important events in our lives where we not only celebrate but also share the love. At HolloMen, we believe the best way to give weddings the respect they deserve is by maintaining great style on these special occasions. Check out our wedding collection to get yourself the perfect wedding wear.


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