Matching Groomsmen Suits to Your Wedding Theme: A Must-Do Guide

Matching Groomsmen Suits to Your Wedding Theme: A Must-Do Guide

Weddings have broken free from the shackles of traditional concepts and have become quite fashion-forward. Couples are now infusing their wedding with unique elements that reflect their personalities, preferences, and cultures. They are opting for outfits that reflect the current fashion trends and challenge the traditional wedding attire norms. You too can embrace modern trends and celebrate love in your unique way with a distinctive theme and complementing outfits.

The first step is to determine a theme that resonates with you and your partner. From the wedding venue to the wedding attire, the theme will impact many of your wedding decisions. It will also impact the selection of the suits for the groom squad.

Ensure that the suits tie into the theme to create visual harmony and a unified aesthetic. With good choices, you can also enhance the appeal of the wedding photos. Whether you desire a formal and elegant, rustic and relaxed, or modern and chic ambiance, the attire of the wedding party will aid in establishing the desired atmosphere.

Read on to learn how to pick groomsmen suits according to the wedding theme. When your guests arrive, they should be swept into the visual symphony of the event. So without further ado, here are tips and ideas for coordinating the groomsmen's suits with the wedding theme:

Define Your Wedding Theme

Before you proceed to select the outfits of your squad, it’s essential to not just decide your wedding theme, but also define what it entails. That’s because wedding themes set the tone for the entire event.

You could set a theme and then select a venue that applies beautifully or you could secure your dream venue and then choose a theme that suits it. Select a color palette that integrates gracefully with the chosen theme.

Browse through and take inspiration from wedding trends, blogs, magazines, and social media. Refine your vision for your wedding day, as it’s going to be an influential factor for other aspects. Stay true to your instincts and preferences; don’t feel pressured to conform to trends or expectations if they don’t appeal to you.

Choosing the Right Groomsmen Suits

Selecting the right groomsmen's suits involves consideration of various factors, such as the wedding venue, the season, the color palette, suitability to the overall theme, and the coordination of the outfits of the wedding party. The theme often dictates the other elements.

Although you can tailor the outfit according to the nuances of your specific theme, here are some suggestions regarding suits and themes that just go well together:

● Pick and pair classic black or charcoal suits with crisp white dress shirts and
black bow ties for an elegant evening or affair or a timeless romance theme.

● Slim-fit suits in contemporary colors like navy, charcoal, or burgundy paired with
tailored shirts and minimalist ties or bow ties would be perfect for an urban chic

● For a bohemian forest-themed wedding, pick relaxed groomsmen suits in earthy
tones such as brown, tan, or olive, and pair them with casual or even
embroidered shirts.

● Choose tweed or herringbone suits in shades of blue, khaki, or sand, and pair
them with lightweight or linen shirts for a vintage or classic-themed wedding.

● A destination wedding or a summer wedding at a beach venue calls for
lightweight and breathable suits (preferably cotton) in colors such as light blue
and beige. You could even opt for seersucker stripes.

● If it’s a romantic spring wedding at a garden venue, complement the colors of the blooming flowers with groomsmen suits in blush pink, light blue, sage green or
mint green. Choose suits in cotton or lightweight wool for comfort.

● A rustic fall or woodland enchantment wedding deserves rich, autumnal hues
such as burgundy, deep brown, or rust. As for the material, choose medium-
weight fabrics like wool or tweed to provide warmth without being too heavy.


● Dark-colored suits such as charcoal, burgundy, or navy would be perfect for
sophisticated winter groomsmen attire, for themes such as classic glamour or
holiday romance. For insulation against the cold, opt for materials such as wool
or wool blend. Classic dark suits with a hint of shimmer or metallic accents and
maybe velvet or satin lapels would suit a winter wonderland theme.


A Note:

To what extent the groomsmen’s attire matches the groom’s attire depends on your preferences and the level of coordination you require. It’s not always necessary or feasible to match the groom’s attire. Coordinating groomsman wear with the bridesmaid attire may require additional planning and coordination, but again, it’s not strictly required, and it’s best to discuss with your partner before deciding. It may be better to pick tones that complement rather than overly match the bridesmaid attire. You have the option of picking accessories such as ties or pocket squares in matching hues.

Matching Accessories and Details

Coordinating accessory colors and patterns with the groomsmen's suits and wedding theme is important. It will depict attention to detail and help tie the groomsmen's suits with the theme even more. For instance, if it’s a classic or vintage theme, pocket watches or vintage-inspired watches, ties with polka dots or stripes, tie bars or clips, and brogue shoes will enhance the retro look. Sunglasses, colorful boutonnieres with tropical flowers or seashells, and lightweight canvas shoes will enhance the vibes of a beach wedding.

Personalizing the Look

If you prefer, add customized touches such as monograms or embroidered details on the inside of the lining of the jackets or the shirt cuffs. Offer a few choices to your squad and discuss them before making the final selection.

Allowing the wedding theme to influence attire choices does not mean that the
groomsmen cannot express their individual styles. They can customize their outfits to bring out their own style and showcase their take on the wedding theme.

Wrapping Up

Carefully select the groomsmen's attire to create a cohesive aesthetic and elevate the ambiance of your wedding. As your squad stands shoulder to shoulder, their outfits should look like a curated masterpiece. Although each squad member will be dressed to impress, the effect of the perfectly coordinated squad attire will prove to be the mesmerizing factor.

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