How To Dress Like A Classic Gentleman Everyday

How To Dress Like A Classic Gentleman Everyday

When it comes to fashion and men's styles, there are so many ‘unwritten rules’. Some rules are solid and go a long way in helping men maintain a great style. However, there are also so many misleading rules that end up affecting the fashion elegance that is within us negatively.

As it always is, the devil is in the details. With fashion, the very basic things are the most important. The obvious aspects often overlooked are the foundation in dressing as a man of great style. The classic style of dressing is one that I can attest it suits most men gorgeously. It is great yet simple, with no misguided rules.

The Classic Man Style of Dressing 

Classic simply means great and timeless. There is nothing better than being able to don on your best outfits throughout the year. The classic style of dressing gives you exactly that. However, you should note that having a great sense of fashion is not something that just happens. Dressing well is an acquired skill, and like any other, you need to consistently work on it. 

Any fashion designer would tell you that there are different fashion personality types, the sporty type, maverick type, dramatic type, and the classic type, among others. For men, the classic type tends to cut across.

Here are some of the fashion insights that will define you as a classic man of great fashion sense.

Understand and Stay True to Your Style

Understanding your style is a process. This process might take longer if you have not been keen on your sense of fashion but mostly, it is simple since we naturally tend to go for outfits that make us feel at our best, hence aware of our fashion likes. It involves getting to know our attributes and our different perceptions of fashion, and how they affect our style of dressing. Your unique style is the one that makes you express yourself effortlessly. These aesthetic dressing choices are normally from inspiration around you or the globe. A classic man understands his style and lets it define him rather than trends.

Keep it Great and Sober

A true gentleman maintains a style that is both refined and understated. He remains unswayed by fleeting, overly elaborate trends, favoring instead a consistent approach to fashion that is both simple and magnificent. Typically, a man of classic style is recognized for his predictability in choosing simplicity over ostentation, such as opting for understated elegance in footwear rather than overly ornate shoes.

Have a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is one that has outfits that are easily mixed to effortlessly create great looks. Neutral colors such as navy, grey, and black are a great deal in creating this wardrobe. You can easily mix outfits of these colors throughout the year and still maintain a great style. As a classic man, you should work on ensuring that you are informed and can mix pieces in your wardrobe to have the best look.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality is the most important thing if you should be classic. It is better to have fewer outfits of august quality than many of poor quality. Quality not only involves the fabric (which should be good and durable) but also the structuring such as lining and fitness. Your outfits should be of the perfect fit as well as of the best fabric. Maintaining quality also means taking good care of your collection. This involves ensuring preferred washing and ironing are used on your outfits.

Harmonize Accessories

One important rule of dressing well and timelessly is not overusing accessories. The main goal of accessories is to create an interesting detail, especially where the outfit is plain. Overusing accessories loses the sense of their use and ends up tampering with style. Use accessories as an integral addition to your dressing but not as the most integral part.

Dress to the Setting or Occasion


men dressed in slim fit suit

Being classic is not all about greatness and expression but also dressing appropriately. The best summer wedding outfit might not be the best for an interview or a formal meeting. Also, ensure that your outfit matches the season.

Some outfits are however designed to seamlessly fit for the summer or winter with an addition or subtraction of a piece in the outfit in regard to the season. As aforementioned, a classic man is predictable, since it is certain that your style is great yet simple. To be classic, make sure that you are dressed for the occasion

To conclude, style is everything and classic style is just a tip of the ice berg. I hope this article will help you along away elevating your classic style..   

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