Important Considerations in Selecting Groom’s Suit - Groom's Guide

Important Considerations in Selecting Groom’s Suit - Groom's Guide

Weddings are always once in a lifetime events, and everyone puts their best to ensure that it surely is stunningly memorable. They are one of the best moments of our lives. So much work is put into ensuring that every detail is flawless, from the bride's dress to the groom's cufflinks.

Truth be told, many a time, more concentration is put on ensuring that the day's queen is at her best since mostly, all eyes are on the bride’s dress. Sometimes, this results in little time being allocated to the preparations and planning for the groom.

What is the best suit for the groom? This is a question that is mostly met with limited time. However, with the perfect options on your table (selected with respect to specific considerations), getting the perfect suit for the groom won’t be a migraine.

Important Considerations in Selecting the Groom’s Suit

How you dress for a wedding is majorly dictated by three factors;

1. The event’s planned dress code

The dress code can either be white-tie, black-tie, black-tie optional, semi-formal, casual, among others. The groom's choice of suit will first be defined by the predetermined dress code for the wedding.  

2. Location or Type of Wedding

Whether it is a church or a beach wedding, is a factor that will utterly affect the perfect choice of suit for the groom. The groom’s outfit should always correspond to the location of the wedding. A backyard wedding can ideally allow for a casual dress code than it is for a church wedding.

3. Season of the Wedding

This is a consideration that even the unseasoned shopper can tell. Here the fabric and color are the main aspects to look at. You will need light and bright-colored suits made of favorable material such as linen for your summer wedding. On the other hand, during the winter, you will need a totally distinct suit for the groom; darker shades and wool as the dominant fabric.

Note that apart from these 3 primary considerations, other fashion tips such as skin tone and complexion also play a role. Here is a curated set of suits that will give you a superb gentleman look on your special day.

Best Wedding Suits Options for the Groom

Tuxedo Wedding Suits

A tuxedo is the most common wedding suit since it genuinely fits quite well for different situations. It can be worn for all formal dress code weddings, including black-tie and black-tie optional.

HolloMen Classic Suits

These type of suit speaks dapper, all tailored from top quality fabrics. Have a look at the full collection here. 

Leo Slim Fit Suits

You deserve a well fitting suit, this collections guarantee fit and all pieces are high quality. Choose your perfect fit here.

With the above selection from our wedding suits collection (embed link), you can easily pick the best option for your wedding. Complete the big day plans by coming out with an outstanding groom suit that will flatter your Mr. right figure!

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