Men’s Ultimate Guide on How to Dress for an Interview

Men’s Ultimate Guide on How to Dress for an Interview


When you finally land that interview, dressing up for it is likely to be a daunting task. However, the unwritten and guiding rule for interview attire is simple; dress in an ensemble aligning with the interviewing institution, just do it a little better.

We all know first impressions are incredibly imperative, especially for an interview. Your dressing plays an integral role in the impressions you create, and for this reason, your outfit should tell the interviewer that you're the perfect fit.

Most companies' cultures involve business formal wear, but there are those where you are expected to have a business-casual look, while for others, it is entirely casual. For you to choose the right outfit for an interview, therefore, you need to do your research on the interviewing institution.

Important Considerations for an Interview Outfit

  • Research on the institution's dressing code
  • Avoid bright and conspicuous colors and patterns
  • Select ensemble of the right size
  • Avoid strong colognes 
  • Do not wear too many accessories

No matter the institution's dressing code, if you have the above considerations at the back of your head, then you are good to go, choose your perfect look for the interview.

Let’s delve deep into these top tips for dressing up appropriately for an interview:

Do Your Research  

As earlier stated, dressing up for an interview is majorly about the impressions you create. Doing extensive research on the company that is interviewing will make a statement that you are well informed of what is expected. Dressing up as if you are already a part of the team increases your chances of actually becoming a team member.

Avoid Bright, Flashy, and Conspicuous Colors and Patterns  

Save your brightly colored and heavily patterned flashy suits for other occasions or after you have landed the job. For the interview, your choice of colors and patterns should be coordinating and simple. This will help you stand out as a simple, organized, and fashionable gentleman. For example, grey, dark shades of navy blue, or black suits  are among attires that will fit perfectly in the business formal category.

Select Perfectly Fitting Ensemble

For any kind of dressing, comfortability is as important as the confidence an outfit gives you. An oversize or very slim outfit will not only give out a bad first impression but also will make you uncomfortable and less confident during the interview. As you pick your interview outfit, ensure that it fits you perfectly.

Avoid Strong Colognes

No matter how great your cologne is, you should not wear it when going for an interview if it is strong. Colognes can be distracting to some people and can even aggravate allergies, so it is advisable to avoid them entirely or use them sparingly.

Don't Wear Too Many Accessories 

This is especially for business formal and business casual. Putting on too many accessories such as rings and bangles do not normally coordinate with the setting. Accessories such as chain necklaces are better avoided completely.


The right outfit for an interview is one that gives a great first impression to your interviewer and also shows that you are fit to be part of the team.

Choosing an interview attire with regard to the above tips will ensure you pick the most appropriate one. Dress elegantly and sell yourself greatly in that interview. Good luck!

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