Style Advice For Short Guys - ( 7 Tips To Nail Short Men Fashion )

Style Advice For Short Guys - ( 7 Tips To Nail Short Men Fashion )


One thing about being a modern gentleman with great style is that our apparel should always enhance our appearance and flatter confidence. Height is one thing that is highly regarded in our societies but when it comes to fashion and dressing, that does not entirely block out men with shorter than the average height.

In fact, there are a lot of fashion influencers who happened to be short, take for example Marlon Brando and James Dean. The golden rule for great style for short men is a keen attention to simplicity and proportionality. The rest is all about selecting an ensemble that gives a height illusion which helps to ensure that your stature is not the first thing someone notices when they meet you. The thing is, when you dress appropriately you always stand tall no matter your height.

Here are 7 simple fashion tips for every short man;

  1. Go for Close-fitting Garments
  2. Avoid Sharp Contrasts
  3. Wear Proportionate Accessories
  4. Avoid Thick and Huge Patterns
  5. Avoid Bulky and Puffy Outerwear
  6. Wear Medium Rise Trousers
  7. Shop Right

Close-fitting Garments

When taking this into consideration, you should be careful not to go for overly skinny clothes that will end up giving you an odd look. Baggy clothes tend to accentuate on wide appearance and take away height and length. Everything you put on should be slim-fitting; this greatly enhances your look. Pants should not stack up on your footwear, sleeves shouldn't go past your wrist, jackets should be nowhere close to being below your knees, and generally, every piece of your outfit should just fit you.

Avoid Sharp Contrasts

A simple fashion tip like sticking to a monochromatic or low contrast palette plays a critical role for you; it gives you a streamlined look, which is very important for short men. If you wear a lighter shirt, your pants should be lighter too, and also your shoes should not be on the other extreme. Where you have to dress up in contrasting colors, ensure that the brighter colors are up top and keep the lower-body outfit dark. However, this contrast should be harmonizing rather than sharp.

Wear Proportionate Accessories

This is simple. The goal is to take away attention from your height. Wearing a massive watch for example, will make your physical features pronounced since it will draw attention to the fact that you have a smaller wrist.

Avoid Thick Patterns

The idea that short people shouldn’t go for horizontally patterned clothes is not substantial. The fact is, for any pattern, the size is what really matters. Thick stripes for example, whether horizontal or vertical, are likely to make you look shorter.

Avoid Bulky and Puffy Outerwear

Oversized and very puffy outerwear are pieces to totally avoid even when trying to keep warm. There are obviously other options that can help you stay warm. Bulky clothing makes you appear squattier than you are.

Kevin Hart is short but stylish

Wear Medium Rise Pants

Although other factors such as the shape of your body and proportionality matter, height also plays a vital role on the type of rise for your trousers. I recommend medium-rise pants; they help create the height illusion you need.

Shop Right

Of all the tips for short men, this is the most important. You should not just shop for any garments; shop for garments designed to fit short men. Although most tailors design clothes with the average height man in mind, there are clothes specifically designed for you! This will help you get it right with all the above tips.


Other subtle factors such as your preferred hairstyle and choice of shoes (going for boots that enhance your height- with slightly higher heels and raised soles) can also play a role, but you should take them with a pinch of salt. The above tips will go a long way in ensuring you not only look dapper but also, your height will no longer be an issue (it isn’t anyway).


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