What to Look for: Your Coat Detail Guide

What to Look for: Your Coat Detail Guide

A coat is undeniably one of the most important elements in your wardrobe. However, most people rarely take a deep consideration when buying a coat since, as they may put it, 'It's just to keep me warm.' And even those who do, most just look at the color. 

I argue that a man's coat should not be just another winter gear to keep you warm. Actually, during winter, your outerwear speaks volumes about your style and fashion sense. Like any other piece of outfit, a coat equally plays a part in making you look dapper.

Whether you are a seasoned fashionable gentleman or just a guy looking to level up and improve your confidence through great style, this coat detail guide will come in handy. We'll explore some basic details to look for before purchasing a coat.

The Color

As Carin Nakanishi, the head of menswear brand and retailer at The Garbstore, puts it, "A good coat is the one thing that defines your whole winter look." That said, color is an imperative element when it comes to looking dapper and sharp. When shopping for a coat, take your time to make sure you choose the color that meets your needs. It sounds like an obvious thing, but the truth is, most of us men don't take much time to choose the perfect color when purchasing a coat.

Considerations such as your skin tone and personality are important when choosing the color of your coat. However, you want to frown from bold colors when it comes to coats. A simple piece like this Khaki Field Coat is not conspicuous and would go with almost any outfit. So next time you're shopping for a coat, take the time to ensure that you choose a 'flexible' color and one that perfectly meets your needs. If in doubt, always go with neutral colors.

Check the Zippers and Cuffs

You should always check the zippers and cuffs of a coat before making the purchase. A coat might appear perfect, but if the zippers and cuffs don't last long, you won't be getting value for your money. Whenever you are out to add a coat to your wardrobe, always ensure that the zippers and cuffs are made of quality, long-lasting material. 

If the zippers and cuffs are perfect, the coat will surely serve its purpose of protecting you from cold and making your look more stylish.

Choose Your Material

Just like all the other coat details, your go-to material is dependent on a number of factors. Aspects such as your work environment and your style come into play here. If you're a formal wear person, you may want to lean more towards wool coats rather than leather coats.

On the other hand, leather coats go well with almost any semi-formal and casual look. So, if you're a casual person, you have many options to choose from. Above all, make sure you choose the material you're most comfortable in.

Pockets and Other Details 

Believe it or not, some poorly made coats lack pockets. A coat should never lack pockets. Pockets are part of the coating structure and help it maintain its shape.

Other details, such as quality craftsmanship, are integral as well. The fact that a single coat can be worn on different occasions with distinct outfits calls for attention to detail in manufacturing. Every coat you purchase should be a work of art. Therefore, the next time you select a coat from the store, ensure it exudes a high-quality feel.

As earlier mentioned, coats are important pieces of our outfits, especially during winter. If you get it right with the above details, you will surely get the perfect coat for yourself. Check out our coat collection to choose from the best.


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