5 Formal Suits Ideas At HolloMen

5 Formal Suits Ideas At HolloMen

Looking dapper and smart is always the goal whenever a fashionable gentleman opens his wardrobe. Not knowing the exact difference between formal, semi-formal, and casual dress codes can make selecting an outfit difficult at times when you have to be specific with a certain dress code. Above all things, clarity on the style and dress code you want is extremely crucial.

What Defines Formal Suits For Men?

Over the years, men formal fashion greatly revolutionized. There are times when strict white tie or black tie were the only forms of dressing considered formal. But those days a far gone. So, what is a formal suit for a gentleman? A formal dress basically comprises a two or three-piece suit, a dress shirt, and a tie.

Do I Need a Formal Suit?

This could come off as a thoughtless question to ask, but the truth is, it is utterly important. In a world that seems to be moving toward more of casual wear, there are times and occasions when formal suits are needed. At HolloMen, we believe it is necessary for a gentleman to have a few dashing suits somewhere in his closet.

Whether you put on a suit only on certain occasions or it is the norm for you, sometimes we take formal wear so lightly and totally forget the fashion factor. If you get it right, maintaining a dapper look each and every time you are in formal suits is easy!

Tips for Maintaining Great Style with Formal Suits

First things first, your dress code has to match the event, time, and setting, among other factors. You don't want to wear a yellow suit to a corporate meeting. Most of the office wears are not expected to be conspicuous but rather laid-back. Secondly, get it right with other fashion facts and maintain a style that makes you feel great. Do not just dress incredibly; dress to feel incredible too.

Here are some ideas for formal suits for men from our collection;

  • Hollomen Black Wool Suit 

  • Black is one of the colors that make formal wear look even more elegant. In addition, black is classy and timeless. This black wool suit can be worn to events such as weddings as well as in-office settings. It is preferred during the spring and winter seasons, given the material used. 

  • Kansas Patterned Navy Blue Suit 

  • This is another pair of suit that will amazingly give you a classy yet laid-back look. This is a good choice for business meetings and other formal undertakings. It is surely worthy of a spot in your wardrobe. This pair of suit goes well with black well-polished oxfords in a strict setting. In not-so-strict settings, black monk strap shoes are the best.

  • Namib Slim Fit Gray Suit 

  • This suit is slim fit in design with a double slit and double button. It is a perfect spring-summer wear. Grey is not all old school; it is like old wine, it still tastes great. A grey suit would fit perfectly in different settings and events.

  • Henrik Sax Suit

  • This double slit, double button suit is a perfect choice for several events. If you have an interview, this is your go-to. Black or dark brown derby and brogue shoes would go well with this one. Always remember to keep your accessories low for formal occasions.

  • Patterned Navy Blue Wool Suit 

  • This suit’s jacket has a mono collar, it has double slits, bag pockets, double button, and it is fully canvassed. This great design and the laid-back look it gives will make you create a great first impression in all settings. 

    These amazing formal suits for men are proof that suiting up doesn't have to be boring. You can still maintain a great style and dapper look with suit pieces in your closet. It is also vital to make sure the choice of shoes matches. At HolloMen, you not only look dapper but also feel better with every look. Suit up and escape the ordinary with Hollomen!

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