men's wedding guest attire guide

Men's Guide To Dressing For A Wedding - Guest Attire

What is the perfect outfit for the wedding? This is one of the most imperative questions that run in any man’s head after a wedding invitation. Weddings are momentous and it is okay if you end up pondering for very long without figuring out what exactly you should do for the wedding as a man. If you ever find yourself at crossroads about this, here is a guide for you to dress flawlessly for the wedding.

Things to Consider While Dressing Up For the Wedding

  • Dress as per the dress code if provided
  • Do not dress conspicuously
  • Consider the season and time of the event
  • Consider the location of the event
  • Go for low-key colors

What to Wear to a Wedding When Dress code is Provided

The best gift you can give to a couple at their wedding is not photobombing the photos. These photos are likely to be on social media for years and being a part that completes the perfection of a photo session is a thing they’ll always thank you for. Dressing appropriately as per the stated dress code is a great sign of respect. Here are the most common wedding dress code options you can expect and how you should dress up for each.


White Tie

This calls for a formal dress code; it is considered the most formal of all. What is expected is very clear. Your outfit is expected to be composed of; a black tailcoat, wingtip tuxedo shirt, white vest, black pants, white bow tie, and white gloves(optional) if you want to go all fancy.

Black Tie Wedding Dress Code

Here, darker outfits are the best fit. Also, you should keep it very formal. You can try a  black tuxedo jacket, a white tuxedo shirt preferably for a modern look, with a fold-down collar, black bow tie, cummerbund and suspenders(optional), cufflinks, pocket square(optional), and any other coordinating accessories.

Black Tie Optional Men Attire

You can dress a bit more casually in such an event if you like, but this one too is a formal wear occasion. In most cases, it is advisable to go for darker suits rather than a tuxedo. A conservative tie can be used in place of the satin bow tie.

Creative Black Tie

These days, this type of wedding dress code is rare to come across. Mostly, this basically means “have some fun”. You can break the rules and branch out a little but ensure to keep up with the “black tie” part. You’re recommended to put on an outfit such as one including, a dinner jacket tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt or dress shirt, cufflinks, and pocket square.


 How To Dress To A Wedding With No Dress Code

When the dress code for the event is not stated, you enjoy the freedom of putting on what you think is best. Still, you are expected to be fashion sensible enough not to be the only one who is off. You’re expected not to have a very conspicuous outfit. Remember, “it’s the bride’s day.” Being in an all-white ensemble, for example, would draw a lot of attention to you. You should play a part in making the general look of the event elegant, but you shouldn’t be the center of attention.

Wedding Attire For Men In Regard To The Weather

In consideration of the season, you have different options. If the wedding is taking place during the summer, it is obvious that your outfit shouldn’t be entirely dark. Brighter colors and light material suits are a go for. You can opt for; a tan suit, blue dress shirt, seersucker necktie, and brown suede shoes.

During the cooler seasons, you should go with warmer textures. You should also keep in mind that most winter weddings are fully formal. A darker outfit is preferred. Your outfit can be composed of; a corduroy jacket tuxedo, a white dress shirt, black and white cufflinks, white pocket square, tartan bow tie, and grosgrain loafers.

When dressing for a wedding, the most imperative consideration is always the dressing code if mentioned in the invitation. If mentioned or not, the other aspects to look into are the season, location, and the time of the occasion.

An evening wedding outfit might be a little different from the one that’s taking place around noontime. All in all, maintaining elegance and a great look in line with the event’s expectation is not only important to you but also to the couple. Get to understand the event and dress well for that wedding! Be a part of its greatness.

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