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Wistman Black Classic Boots

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$295.00 USD
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$295.00 USD

Fall in love with our black classic boot. A soft leather upper and neoilite sole make this boot a must-have. Also available in camel color.

From HolloMen Fall Winter 23" Collection. 

Boots Color: Black 

Material: 100% Leather Featuring A Neolite 

Unique Details: Round Toe, Zippered Sides 

Heel height: 2CM, Base Height: 1CM 

Product Care: Clean with a soft brush or hard sponge.

Size with reference to foot length: 38 -(23CM) 39(24CM) - 40(25CM) - 41(26CM) - 42(27CM) - 43(28CM) - 44(29CM) -45(30CM)

We will include a matching belt and socks as gifts. 

For international sizing please refer to our conversion chart and be sure to type in your height and weight to determine your belt size.

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