Formal Outfits Guide for Men in Their 20s

Formal Outfits Guide for Men in Their 20s

To be honest, the 20s can be a tricky age. Some people may call it the "wonder age ."Don't get it all wrong; it's not because of all the wonderful things that happen but because most people spend most of their time "wondering" what to do. What should I do next after school? What career path should I follow? Should I stick to or find love? Heck, what outfits should I wear?

The truth is, the 20s are a figuring-out age. Therefore, it can be hard to define anything with certainty. On the other hand, your decisions now play an integral role in your 30s and beyond. Like in all other aspects of life, this applies to fashion and dressing too. At this age, you should cut off that habit of reaching for a hoodie and a pair of jeans anytime you go out. You ought to look dapper like the great fashionable young gentleman you are. Set the pace of being a modern gentleman with an impeccable style for the rest of the years.

Here are some insights to help you with formal dressing in your 20s as a man;

A Slim, Perfectly Fitting Suit

In your early 20s, you're probably preparing for interviews and starting off your career. No matter what field you are in, a well-fitting suit is a must-have! A navy blue or black suit is an essential tool in your formalwear arsenal. These laid-back colors fit well for almost all situations. Having at least a single piece will go a long way. 

It is important to ensure that it is comfortable and you feel great in it. If it's an all new kind of dressing for you, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but this feeling should fade away after the first few wears. This one sets a foundation for the rest of formal dressing, and therefore you should confirm with your tailor that everything is flawless, especially the size.

Be Experimental

As stated earlier, your 20s are a figuring-out age. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try out different styles of formal wear. Now that you have a piece of formal attire which is a foundation, try out new stuff. Try out different colors and patterns. Try out how different accessories blend in with your style. Sometimes, go to the extent of different kinds of smart casual and business casual. Experiment!

At an older age, you'll have a whole bunch of things to worry about. Now, you have the time to worry and try out different color combinations and how they work out for you and your personal style. As you find out what works for you, go ahead and create a capsule wardrobe. However, as you get all experimental, it is vital to also ensure that you don’t go overboard with it. Too much of anything is detrimental.

Below are some inspirations for dashing  formal outfits in your 20s;

  • Navy Blazer + Navy Chinos + Light Blue Shirt + Blue Printed Pocket Square + Black Dress Shoes 
  • Khaki Trousers + White Shirt + Deep Green Tie + Black Oxford Dress Shoes 
  • Beige or Khaki Blazer Jacket + Trousers + Crisp White Shirt + Suede Tassel Loafers 
A Pair of Oxfords

When it comes to formal dressing, a pair of oxford shoes is a piece you must have. Oxfords come in different iterations, but each one of them is not only elegant but also formal and proper. Oxfords are one of the few fashion no-brainers. They are simple and classic and will go well with any kind of formal wear. 

Have an All Occasions Watch

Of all accessories, a watch is a must-have for the modern gentleman with a great sense of fashion. If your budget allows, you can have different types of watches for different occasions. However, you can opt to have a single watch but one that blends with different outfits. 

The rule here is for it to be bold without flash. You don’t want an all flashy watch that it’s the first thing someone notices when they meet you. Your skin tone is an important consideration. Your style in fashion should also provide a basis for the kind of watch to go for. Take your time to figure it out.

Have a Fashion Icon

Having a fashion icon is an important thing, no matter your age. Fashion icons come in handy in your 20s since they help us stick to a certain style. We said the 20s are an experimental age but defining and understanding our style is what prevents us from going overboard with the experiments.

Everybody has their personal style; therefore, you shouldn't entirely copy your icon's taste in dressing. An icon should just provide a trajectory of what is expected, a foundation for your style

Do not let formal dressing in your 20s be a migraine. It’s time to dress well, feel good, and rock! At HolloMen, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the best tips as well as the outfits that make you look dapper and feel great as a modern gentleman. Reach out to us for any concerns or questions. We’ll be glad to help you.

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