Men’s Fashion Rules We Live By

Men’s Fashion Rules We Live By

Life is generally filled with lots of rules. Most of the time, these rules are for the better. But rules are meant to be broken, right? When it comes to men’s fashion and dressing, rules can make or break your style.

Although individuality is what makes a style your own, following a specific path helps maintain a sense of sanity to it. Here are some rules that we at HolloMen live by and believe will help you look even dapper and get nothing wrong as a fashionable gentleman.

  • Get the Size Right
  • When it comes to dressing appropriately, size really does matter! Whether formal or casual wear, you should always make sure that the fitting is perfect. For suits, everything has to be of the right size. Most men get everything else right except for the suit jacket. 

    It is normal for us men to have unique features such as broader shoulders than expected or sometimes longer arms. Such unique features should not be the reason you don't walk out looking great as you should. If this is an issue for you, you should always make it clear with your designer, tailor, or whoever you purchase from.

    Do not break this rule, or else you break your style! It doesn't matter how jaw-dropping your outfit is; you should always ensure to get the fitting right, otherwise, your great outlook will be utterly ruined.

  • Respect Balance
  • When styling up, quite a number of men forget that balance is a critical aspect of maintaining a great sense of fashion. Whether it’s the accessories or the choice of color palette you opt for, there should be balance. 

    Keeping balance in mind as you dress will ensure you do not over-dress or underdo it. It makes sure that you dress for the occasion just perfectly. As the popular phrase goes, less is more. Do not go overboard with the accessories; they should not be the first and only thing someone notices when they meet you. Instead, they should just complement your style.

    Color is and will always be a crucial part of dressing for men. Understanding such subtle details is what differentiates men of great style and enthusiast dressers from amateurs. Balancing your colors establishes an imperative sense of style in dressing well. So the next time you're staring and your wardrobe and selecting what to go out with, take into consideration every aspect of color, even your skin tone.

  • Tie Up Right
  • In formal and business outfits, ties are common pieces. One thing that we consider a grave mistake is putting on your tie wrongly. With so many blogs and videos on how to tie a tie, a lot of men still do it incorrectly.

    Whether self-tied or clip-on tie, ties should be done perfectly. Invest in great ties and the time to tie them up right.

  • Understand the Power of Accessories
  • You have probably heard a number of times that, "The devil is in the details." Accessories may seem to be subtle pieces and thus matter less in dressing, but the truth is they have a significant impact on your style. Ensuring that each piece is the right match and is really needed to make the outfit greater is a rule that should never be broken.

    One thing that will make you a man of distinguished style is understanding the power accessories come with. Every piece of accessories you go with should play a part in your dressing. Thus it is essential not to overdo it. 

  • Invest in a Watch
  • The managing director of British watch brand Vertex says, "A watch is like a piece of art, choose it because you love it, not because you think it might make money." We can't disagree. Watches are personal; they play an integral part in defining our styles. Having an incredible watch for yourself will give you the great style you want. 

    When talking about watches, the question of comfortability and fitting must be looked into. Your watch should not only make you feel great but also make you comfortable and fit perfectly. Every fashionable modern gentleman ought to own a watch!

    There are written and unwritten rules in fashion and dressing. The 5 rules above are basic and a foundation for dressing appropriately and amazingly. We believe no man should break these rules unless they are after destroying their style! Keep in touch with us for insightful information and more.

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