Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Suit | Dapper Gentleman

Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Suit | Dapper Gentleman

If looking dapper is something you care about, it is absolutely obvious that you have quite a number of suits. To be honest, no matter what field, domain, or stage you are at in life, at least a few pieces of suits are a must-have for the modern-day gentleman.

However, sometimes selecting the right suit or just dressing well can be tricky and when so, we end up feeling off or jittery. This is often due to confusion and mistakes we make when it comes to getting it right with suits.

Whether you are a seasoned lover of suits or new to the world of suits and its accompanying aesthetics, listed below are the things to give humongous attention to so as to avoid some simple mistakes that people overlook. You might not get that feeling of “being off” but you’re probably making blunders. Sidestepping these mistakes will significantly increase your confidence and work wonders for your look.


1. Wrong Size 

This is one of the greatest mistakes that all gentlemen should avoid. The size will ever be of great importance. You would probably look better in a fairly cheaper suit than a billowing suit that breaks the bank. A loose-fitting suit makes you look sluggish and, on the other hand, a very small size creates unnecessary uncomfortably, distress, and odd attention from people around.

2. Selecting Suit Incongruent to the Occasion/Event

If you are a man of great style and sense of fashion, it is crystal clear to you that each type of suit is suited for a specific purpose. For a wedding event, a given suit will be a perfect fit but that exact suit will be surprisingly odd when worn in a business meeting.

The key point is, know your suits well. Know the suit to sport on for Prom and one to wear for a beach wedding. According to the event or occasion, the design, color, texture, and other aspects are devised to complement the nature of the event. Be picky when it comes to selecting your suit outfit. Make sure your look is great and effortlessly and flawlessly matches the event.

3. Little or No Consideration on Skin Tone

Skin complexion and skin tone have in recent years become an essential aspect of fashion and dressing, even for men. Unlike earlier when it was thought to be a ladies’ consideration. Picking a suit ensemble that goes impeccable with your skin tone and complexion will completely spruce up things. As it always is, the devil is in the details. Taking care of these seemingly subtle details is what differentiates you as a man of great style, standing out among your peers.

4. Timelessness

A lot of men unconsciously make the mistake of going for trendy and sometimes extremely flashy suits. Maintaining that sleek look is very important but the truth is, the great style and look is maintained by classic and timeless pieces of suit.

With respect to the specific event, your suit should be simple, classic yet a statement-making one. Your look speaks volumes before you utter a word. In some instances, an immensely trendy suit can be put on but trendy and critically time-sensitive suits shouldn’t be staples in your wardrobe.

5. Little Attention to Accessories

Not placing keen attention on picking a suit that matches accessories available to you might in many occurrences cost your look a great deal. Matching your accessories appropriately takes your elegance to a whole new level. Therefore, when choosing a suit, when buying, or when selecting from your closet for wear, ensure that you have accessories that tone perfectly with your choice of outfit.

In the question of dressing appropriately and selecting your suits well, some mistakes can easily and unknowingly be made. It is extremely important to avoid these little dressing blunders to ensure that your appearance remains dapper, stunning, and elevates your confidence as well as comfortability. 

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