Professional Style Secrets for Men: How to Look Sharp at Work

Professional Style Secrets for Men: How to Look Sharp at Work

How you dress at work does more than just create an impression. Your style of dressing at the workplace tells a whole story about you! Whether it’s to your colleagues or the clients, how you dress communicates your values, confidence, competence, style, professionalism, and the list could go on. 

Whether we like it or not, how we dress always sends a certain message to the people we interact with. Understanding the game of professional style for men is pivotal to looking sharp and maintaining a dapper sense of fashion.

In this article, I will provide expert advice on how to dress properly for workplace dress codes as a modern-day gentleman. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Dressing Well at Work

The simple and perfect answer to the question of trying to, or rather looking great at work, is that it influences how everyone you interact with perceives you. Even though how you dress has nothing to do with attributes such as intelligence and competence, psychology, as we understand it now, has proven that we are wired to judge people according to their appearances. 

Your dress code at work may also immensely influence how you feel. This might be a direct feeling, such as discomfort from wearing very tight pants, or an indirect feeling, such as your confidence levels. If you are well dressed and have every piece of your ensemble right, your confidence will likely soar. As we say at HolloMen, if you dress well, you feel great.

For these and many other reasons, investing in how you look at work could be your best move—for yourself and the business.

Essential Tips for Men to Elevate Workplace Style

Refining your appearance at work is not just about following rules; it's about projecting the image you want the world to see and how you want to feel. 

Here are some tips to help you light up the fashionable side of you at work:

1. Invest in Quality Suits

Just like in many other facets of life, quality forever beats quantity. Having quality suits in your wardrobe is the first step to elevating your style at work. Quality here is all-around in terms of the fabric, the design, and sartorial details. High-quality suits will not only make you look great and offer more comfort but also provide additional benefits such as durability. One way to achieve this seamlessly is to create a minimalist wardrobe, where quality and style reign.

Unlike cheaper, off-the-rack options, quality suits are crafted from superior materials and constructed with greater attention to detail. This translates to a suit that drapes better on your body, feels more comfortable, and lasts longer. When you wear a quality suit, you look more polished and put-together and project confidence and competence.

Opt for suits made from premium fabrics like wool, cotton, or linen. These materials are durable, breathable, and maintain their shape well.

1. Fit Is King

How well your outfit fits has a profound effect on your overall appearance. Although this topic could be covered as part of investing in quality suits above, its extent of cruciality warrants to be discussed. You could have your suit made from the best fabric, but it would be all for nothing if the fit isn’t right.

If you want to stand out as a well-dressed gentleman at the workplace, always consider the fit of your clothes. Ensure that all your pieces, whether your jacket, dress shirt, or pants, are not too tight or too loose. They should fit just perfectly. Embrace the elegance of subtle sophistication by ensuring details such as the fit of every piece in your ensemble are as perfect as possible.

1. Accessorize with Elegance

When it comes to accessories, remember that "the devil is in the details" – even the smallest elements can transform your overall appearance and enhance your professional image. Getting it right with every piece accessory in your outfit will differentiate you from the rest and give you a more refined look. 

Mastering the art of accessorizing is both science and art. You need to get to the technicalities, such as understanding your skin tone, so you can adjust your jewellery accordingly. It also requires you to tap into your creative self and be in touch with your style as you accessorize. It is a complex but achievable task.

1. Consider the Culture of the Workplace

Every company has a certain culture regarding workplace attire. Whether it’s a company you work for or your own business, a dressing culture exists. Yes, some companies and professional settings might clearly state what is expected of you, but in others, you have to observe and learn—normally over a short period. 

In some professional environments, such as in most law firms, you are expected to dress strictly formally. Today, however, work environments that call for such strictness are reducing with time. Modern companies are now adopting business casual wear, which is versatile and offers much more flexibility. Conversely, other companies have embraced full casual wear and left the rules at ‘Be decent.’

Understanding the company’s expectations about how you should dress will also help you showcase your professionalism and achieve that polished workplace look. A truly well-dressed gentleman at work strikes a perfect balance between fitting in and standing out. Understand what is expected of you, then harness your creativity to create a perfect blend of your uniqueness and the company's values.

The Importance of Considering Company Culture in Your Workplace Outfit

Company values set the foundation of your dress code. How well we work with what is provided shows your commitment to the company’s values and success and has some other benefits for you and the company. These include;

  • Helps in building professional relationships
  • Enhances credibility, respect, and trust
  • It boosts confidence and productivity
  • Helps in making a positive impression, especially in new encounters
  • All these aspects affect your career advancement/business success.

1. Understand Footwear Fundamentals

Your footwear is another piece that can make or break your outfit in professional and workplace dressing. Your shoes are the subtle but integral details that show your commitment to professionalism and style. These two, professionalism and your style, are the foundation of understanding the workplace shoe game. 

To get it right with footwear, answer these two questions: What level of professionalism do I want to achieve? Secondly, how do I want to showcase my style and other attributes?

If you want to maintain the classic gentleman’s business wear while exuding some laid-back vibes, maybe loafers would be your go-to. They strike the perfect balance between formality and ease, offering a polished yet relaxed look. However, this will also depend on the rest of your outfit. This takes us to the other pivotal thing to consider in your workplace footwear.

Ultimately, the goal is to work in a complete, congruent, and stunning outfit. With this said, ensuring that your choice of shoes complements the rest of your outfit is extremely important. Invest in understanding which shoe styles will help you attain the completeness of your desired outfit and style.

 Embrace Simplicity and Timelessness

Simplicity and timelessness in your professional and workplace dress code will avoid fashion conflicts at work. This is a mistake many men, especially young men, make. To keep up with trends, some men end up in flashy outfits in the office that raise eyebrows. While this might only affect very few people in the office, these might well be the people you need. As a result, they will always have a certain perception of you. 


On the contrary, this doesn’t mean you can’t explore different designs and your creativity to try new things. It means you shouldn’t go all in with creativity in a way that makes you controversial. Just tone it down to the kind of outstanding but innocuous controversy.

To maintain simplicity and timelessness, avoid anything flashy and extremely controversial. Lean more toward the classics and add a touch of your creativity and style. A simple rule that can help you with this is- to keep it sharp, simple, and timeless.

 Confidence Is Key: Wear It Well

The sure endgame of all these tips for workplace dressing is to achieve confidence. If you apply all the tactics in selecting your professional outfit, you will stand tall, and your confidence will automatically soar to greater heights. 

Moreover, for optimal confidence, this process must be intentional; more work is needed beyond just following guidelines. For example, ensuring you give your absolute best in what you do will also deepen your confidence. Above all, in your skill or outfit, ensure that you wear your confidence well.

Still, do not mistake confidence for arrogance, as a few men do. Confidence is elegant; it is graceful.


Ensuring you look great at work is profoundly crucial to success at a personal level and the business level. From investing in quality suits, accessorizing with elegance, understanding your company dress code culture, getting it right with the footwear, embracing simplicity and timelessness, to putting your confidence on and having your best foot forward, these tips will help you achieve your best look at the workplace and other professional settings.

Remember, the goal is to elegantly keep it sharp, simple, and timeless. 

At Hollomen, we are committed to ensuring you look and feel great. Explore our diverse collections and achieve the look you feel your best in. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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