What to Wear to the Office - 5 Menswear Essentials

What to Wear to the Office - 5 Menswear Essentials

Today workplaces are modernizing, and dress codes are loosening up. Far from the usual suit and tie, men pick on business casual outfits that are still OK as home wear. Approximately, 61% of employees are efficient in casual dress code while 80% find dress code at work invaluable. 

So, bridging the gap between a business casual and formal work environment can be tricky. But don’t worry, here are a few office-friendly outfits that keep you covered for any meeting or official event.

These five office-friendly pieces are:



Well, you might be wondering, why are blazers the go-to choice for men's office wear? Because they are versatile, stylish, and formal. And, they give you a complete corporate look. A well-tailored blazer can do wonders for your personality.

Blazers come in various fabrics, styles, and colors to suit every personality and body type. The right pick can make you look competent and professional.

Because they’re multipurpose outfits, they can be paired with several combinations of shirts, trousers, and shoes. You can choose from single-breasted blazers in a regular, slim, or skinny fit according to your body type.

 Blazers also pair well with polo shirts or button-up shirts for a casual but professional look. You can even add a tie if you want to dress up your outfit even more elegantly.

Business Casual Shirts

Are you looking for a way to dress down your workwear but still look professional? The answer is simple — business casual shirts. Think button-ups in solid colors and simple patterns, and you'll be ready to tackle the workday in style.

 However, this office-friendly look isn't as easy as it sounds. In fact, we see many men make mistakes with their business casual shirts. Mistakes like:

  • Buying shirts that are too large or small. An ill-fitting shirt will never look good on anyone, no matter the occasion or setting. 
  • Wearing distracting or inappropriate patterns. Save busy prints for a more casual day off.
  • Not paying attention to the fabric quality. We recommend combining 100% cotton with a little bit of spandex for the ideal blend of softness and stretchiness.


    Your office pants must have sharpness, intent, and sophistication to complete the rest of your outfit. And now that straight suits are slowly being abandoned, you have to wear some exact fit pants but not the suffocating type—too tight type. An example is some crisp mid-weight chino pants.

    If you want to add on something, denim is OK. Find high-quality denim to match up because a simple one will easily be noted.


    Perfect shoes that fit your office-friendly outfit must have quality and style. You can wear leather polished loafers or oxfords in black, chocolate, or tan colors. You can also add some cool chukkas if your boss is cool with them or some expensive leather sneakers to pull an office look.


    Other styles are slip-on loafers, boat shoes, driving moccasins, and Oxfords or wingtips are all excellent options. If you don't want to wear lace-up shoes, look for slip-on with elastic side panels or buckles.


    Keep it low-key. Your accessories should be understated. If you're wearing a suit, this is easy — wear a plain tie. But if you're wearing a blazer and khakis or chinos, you'll have to be more careful about what else goes with them. 

    Don't go too colorful. It's OK to wear colored socks as long as they don't clash with your pants or stand out. And it's OK to wear leather belts that are not black or brown, but keep them subtle and understated — no bright reds or yellows unless they match something else you're wearing.


    Achieve Your Office Friendly Outfit With HolloMen 

    Achieving the perfect office-friendly outfit for men doesn't have to be complicated. You can create an on-trend wardrobe that works for almost any office environment by following a few easy guidelines. 

    If stuck, feel free to contact us at HolloMen to help you make the right decision! We eliminate the frustration of not getting it suitable with your style!

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